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Christopher C Parker

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition

was held in April 2004
at TX A&M Corpus Christi

Artist Statement

Corpus Christi has a downtown, which is not alive. Hopefully, one of these days the area will be renewed. Over fifty years ago, downtown was filled with people shopping, eating, and browsing the stores. The people have moved or passed away, yet the buildings remain. It’s a part of the city, where much of the history is kept within the walls of the buildings. I can feel the stories, which those buildings want to tell. One day soon, downtown will return to its past. Downtown in the early hours of the day is extremely quiet. The art I create reflects many early morning walks through Corpus Christi.

I enjoy using settings during early morning sunrises without the human presence. The light from the sun is unique in Corpus Christi. I try to portray the color values that are influenced by the sun. The colors are vibrant in the mornings, which makes the paintings come alive.

I have used techniques of different art movements such as “The Hudson River School”, “The Renaissance” and “Romanticism”. I have also looked closely at other artists such as Richard Estes and J. William Turner. Their paintings have given me direction to find my own style and content. The content of my paintings come from past experiences and surroundings.

When I was a child, giving Matchbox cars a paint job was my first painting experience. I enjoyed art while I was growing up, however, I did not take art classes. I graduated from high school in 1988. I worked at HEB Grocery and attended college, but I felt my life had no purpose. In 1990, I joined the US Air Force. After becoming a Desert Shield/ Storm Veteran, I was in Europe from 1990 to 1994. I was given many opportunities to observe historic works of art. An artist taught me how to use an airbrush tool while I was stationed overseas. A few years later in 1994, I was transferred to McChord AFB in Tacoma, Washington. I continued to learn how to use the airbrush and realized I needed to create art. In 1996, I returned home to Corpus Christi; and restarted college in January of 2000. Using the tools from college has opened endless possibilities.

-Chris Parker

1914 after911 busstop novalet
prices rox spot thruwin
vac west    

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1914 McDonald
oil on canvas

After 9/11
oil on canvas

Bus Stop
digital photograph

No Valet
digital photograph

Prices Chef
oil on canvas

oil on canvas

Spot 50 & 51
digital photograph

Thru Litchenstein's Window
digital photograph

digital photograph

Facing West of Downtown
oil on canvas