CCParker Studios now offers website hosting!

After you order your hosting services, let us design and maintain your website.  Its that easy!  Or Even easier, if we make all arrangements.  Now offering Full-Service for all your wants!



CCParker Studios Web Site Services

Below are just a few examples

Updating the Website

The website has been created and looks good; however, it can always be improved.  There are various reasons to update the website on a regular basis.

1.  Changing the photos.
2.  Updating contact information.
3.  Keeps the website toward the top of the list in search engines.

Also, updating the function and design of the website helps keep visitors coming back.  Visitors will not come back if the website is always the same.  Many people shop online first before they actually walk into a store.

CCParker Studios can easily update the website for you at any time.  Depending on the amount of updates the costs can vary.  The updates can be performed on need basis. 
  For example: You want to swap out "one" photo.  One photo swap more than likely will take less than 15 minutes to replace.  If that is all the changes, then the cost will be waived. But, if the photo needs to be scanned, cleaned, resized the amount of time to swap out might take longer, cost might be waived.

The photo did get changed just the way you wanted, and the cost was waived.  Three days later, a new photo is needed to be changed.  This time the cost was waived again and it only took less than 5 minutes.

Small one time updates per month might be waived. However, an excess of small updates takes time away from other clients.  After several type of updates mentioned in the above example within one month, all update costs that were waived are due. 

Updates are charged per hour.  Choose the "Monthly Services" package to avoid "updates per hour".

Monthly Services

Website is updated anytime.  Updates could be adding one photo or several photos.  The rate of per hour is waived while subscribed to "Monthly Services".  For example: in Nov, Adding 50 images, changing text, adding a Sales AD could take approx. 8-15 hours of work. Cost is waived because of monthly service fee.

Monthly Services include:

Website Updates
Monitor of spam email, & provide technical support
Provide technical support for website and newsletter
Maintain the optimization of website for search engine listings
Continuous improvement of website function and appearance.
Provide detail explaination of "Traffic Facts"
   (What does it mean? Is the website effective? Recommend improvements)